What are some good workouts and foods i can eat to help loose weight?

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Question by Sally: What are some good workouts and foods i can eat to help loose weight?
I wanna loose weight before i go to college.. not much just a bit. i wanna loose 5 pounds and i need to do it in about 3 weeks. Any ideas for good workouts and healthy foods and portions of foods that i can eat that will help me loose those 5 pounds? Meal suggestions would be nice (I’m a vegetarian) and how many calories i should eat a day. thanks for all your help:)

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Answer by Skeptic
Getting accurate diet information is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. There is just a ton of hay being generated by mass media and health organization that should be fed to the bull for processing. I learned the hard way when I paid attention to my physician and went to the gym for an hour of aerobic exercise five times per week. My unhealthy appetite increased to keep my weight about the same.

Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, and many other biochemists and nutrition researchers have concluded that a whole plant based diet is sufficient. The benefits of exercise are secondary to a diet based upon plants. These physicians have proven the efficacy of their approach and they don’t charge you one read dime. Read either of these authors for details and check out their books from the library.

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